DIY: Metallic Candle Stands

Our newest DIY is a super simple way to add an extra bit of flare to your event centrepiece, using the Medium Concrete Look Candle Stands
Step 1: You will need your candle holder, masking tape and spray paint of your choice. 
Pro tip: We love the Design Master spray paint. It is the best! 
Step 2: Wrap masking tape around where you would like to protect from spray paint. 
Pro tip: Tear the closest layer to you line in small piece so that it lays down nice and flat! 
Step 3: Spray away! 1-2 coats will do the trick and then let dry!
Step 4: Peel the tape off and Voila! You now have some beautiful and unique candle holders that compliment your colour scheme! 

Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan