DIY Project: Floral and Ribbon Hoops

We are so excited to share with you a very cool do-it-yourself project we have been working on here at Creative Style HQ. We have spotted these hoop styles popping up on pinterest a lot and thought we would put our own spin on them! Great as a wedding background display or at your next soiree, read below to see the step by step...

Step 1: Gather your supplies, here we have a range of our artificial flowers, ribbons, floral tape, and a pair of cutters. We sourced the gold embroidery hoops from our local Spotlight store. Also not pictured are a pair of scissors (couldn't find any cute ones for this #flatlay!)

Step 2: Cut your ribbons and trim your flowers to length. The ribbons we did at approximately 50-60cm, and the flower stems at about 4-5cm. 

Step 3: Bend your flower stem like so and wrap the floral tape around the stem and hoop tightly. (You may need the assistance of pliers)

Step 4: Flowers often look best clustered in odd numbers, here we have also attached some leaves using the same method as in the previous step. We have also started tying the ribbons on-and have done this in quite a random order.

Et voilà! A pair of gorgeous hoops, perfect to style at your next event!

Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan